What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on October 4

Aside from asking everyone you know, Netflix’s Top 10 rankings are pretty much the only way to know how popular a Netflix show or movie is. On Sunday, Oct. 4, the new romantic comedy from […]

What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on October 4

Aside from asking everyone you know, Netflix’s Top 10 rankings are pretty much the only way to know how popular a Netflix show or movie is. On Sunday, Oct. 4, the new romantic comedy from Sex and the City‘s Darren Star Emily in Paris begins its ascent up the charts, landing at No. 2 in its first weekend on Netflix. Sitting at the top spot since its debut Wednesday is the true crime documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, because we can’t help ourselves to a creepy story. Also joining the Top 10 is the final season of Schitt’s Creek, which was released early on Netflix because something good had to happen this year. Finally, Ratched continues to convince Netflix to give it a second season, with its 16th (!!) straight week in the Top 3. 

But of the Netflix Top 10, which of these shows and movies are actually worth watching? We break down the entire Netflix Top 10 list and guide you through what to binge and what to skip.

Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: Adam Sandler’s Halloween Movie, Schitt’s Creek

Based on Netflix’s Top 10 from Sunday, Oct. 4

1. American Murder: The Family Next Door

For fans of: Very sad true crime | Is it good?: It’s a chilling true crime story told in a unique way

This documentary is about the murder of a woman named Shannan Watts and her two children by her husband Chris. It’s a searing and painful exploration of domestic violence, and shows the stark difference between the personas we put online and the truth of our real lives through footage directly from the Watts family, police body cams, and Shannan’s social media posts. (Yesterday’s rank: 1)

2. Emily in Paris

For fans of: Sex and the City, Younger, Ze French | Is it good?: It’s a rom-com, for better and worse                             

Taking off to Paris sounds like a dream given the current circumstances, so watch Emily do it in this romantic comedy about a young Yank who takes a job in the City of Light to lend an American perspective — perhaps too aggressively American — to a French marketing firm. And as one does in Paris, she joneses for some looooove. [TV Guide review / More shows like Emily in Paris(Yesterday’s rank: 4)

3. Ratched

For fans of: American Horror Story, Hollywood | Is it good?: Depends on how much you like Ryan Murphy‘s schtick 

Sarah Paulson stars in this psychological thriller origin story for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest‘s Nurse Ratched. Some of the storytelling is shaky, but you might be able to overlook it while you enjoy the gorgeous visuals and Paulson’s performance. [TV Guide review(Yesterday’s rank: 2)

4. The Outpost

For fans of: The troops, well-made war movies | Is it good?: Yes

After a successful run on video on demand, director Rod Lurie’s dramatization of the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan in 2009, when a small force of American and Latvian soldiers defended a combat outpost against the Taliban, is now on Netflix. It stars Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, and Orlando Bloom, and has been praised by veterans of the battle for its realism and its respect. (Yesterday’s rank: 3)

5. Schitt’s Creek

For fans of: Good vibes, Arrested Development, Catherine O’Hara | Is it good?: It’s one of the best

Following a night to remember at this year’s Emmys, the critics’ comedy darling brings its final season to Netflix, the service it owes for much of its rejuvenated success following a much less-seen run on Pop TV. It’s a busy season, with its characters heading to complete their arcs, but it never loses touch with its warmth. [TV Guide review] (Yesterday’s rank: N/A)

6. Enola Holmes 

For fans of: Eleven from Stranger Things, Fleabag | Is it good?: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun

Eleven goes back in time to star in this very entertaining YA riff on the Sherlock Holmes story. MBB stars as Sherlock’s kid sister, a sleuth in her own right, who’s looking for her missing mother. You’ll be charmed by her Phoebe Waller-Bridge-style asides and glances at the camera. [TV Guide review] (Yesterday’s rank: 5)

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7. Welcome to Sudden Death

For fans of: Die Hard knockoffs, I guess? | Is it good?: Nah, but it knows what it is

Michael Jai White stars as a security guard trying to save a basketball arena from terrorists in this sequel to Sudden Death, a Jean Claude Van Damme movie from 1995. Direct-to-DVD quality. (Yesterday’s rank: 6)

8. Wentworth

For fans of: Orange Is the New Black | Is it good?: The show’s run has been uneven, but this is the final season, so if you’re a completist you should watch

Wentworth, an Australian prison drama, returns for its eighth and final season. Between this and the relatively recent end of Orange Is the New Black, fans of prison shows are entering a famine period. Maybe go back and watch Oz(Yesterday’s rank: 8)

9. Yogi Bear

For fans of: Slapstick humor, saying “Hey Boo-Boo!” | Is it good?: No

Dan Aykroyd is the voice of the pic-a-nic basket-stealing bear and Justin Timberlake is his little sidekick Boo-Boo in this (otherwise) live-action 2010 update of the classic cartoon from the ’60s. it’s not even good by the low standards of cynically repurposed IP, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably an adult, which means it’s not for you. (Yesterday’s rank: N/A)

10. Cocomelon

For fans of: Nursery rhymes, singalongs | Is it good?: Babies love it

This little kids’ musical show has been moving on and off the Netflix chart since the end of August. Kids can’t get enough. It’s also a frequently updated YouTube channel, as you can see from the clip above, so there’s no shortage of Cocomelon content. (Yesterday’s rank: 10)

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